We are your virtual team of administration, marketing and finance specialists

The Specialists – Your Virtual Communication Team

The Specialists – In Business. We are an outsourced team specialising in administration, marketing and finance.

A single interaction can determine whether a customer wants to start doing, keep doing or stop doing business with you. The Specialists exist to manage those critical interactions in marketing, sales, administration, credit control and retention. The work of The Specialists ensures you not only acquire new customers, but keep them for maximum term.

Our Services

The Specialists are an Australian-based team with skills in all areas of business including marketing, administration and finance. Located on the Gold Coast and operating off-site via sophisticated technology, The Specialists support businesses all over Australia. Outsourcing to an entire team can have vast benefits over employing one person. You never have to worry about sick leave or holiday downtime.

When working with The Specialists, you are allocated an entire team who ensures your work is always done. Each team member is trained to a very high standard. They get the job done more efficiently, professionally and faster than a single employee who only has their individual experience to draw on.

Designed to allow you to get on with what you do best, our virtual customer care team are highly trained to take care of your administration function so you don’t have to. Our team is skilled in knowing how to represent your business to the highest of service standards, without your customer ever knowing they are dealing with someone outside of your business. Whether you need us for a one-off project, or as a permanent customer care solution, our team of administration and service professionals are trained to help.

What do you do when your client or customer can’t or doesn’t want to pay on time? Most organisations are great at making sales but many struggle to make sure they get paid on time. Asking for money is hard, even if it’s yours. Debt collection and legal threats aren’t the only solution to getting paid. The Specialists will transform your cash flow and account collection process. As a result we will transform your business. All the while, your customer will keep their dignity and grow their loyalty to your business.

Have you poured hours into your marketing strategy only to find you’re burning up time, energy and money? We will help your business to communicate with a clear, consistent voice. We manage customer communications, SEO, blogs, website copy, social media posts and ad campaigns. Every step and every word, is carefully crafted and executed efficiently. Not everyone in business is good at communicating in this manner. Every member of The Specialists team is an expert at it.

Work With US

Various studies have found that the average employee is only productive for three hours a day, or an average of 12.5 hours per week.

It is more efficient to spend your time doing what you are good at. Most administration, marketing and finance staff are asked to multitask many different functions, which in fact makes them less productive.

Most business owners are great at managing their process or production staff, but struggle to manage, and get the most out of back office staff.

Outsource the back office tasks, and you gain more time to focus on generating income.

Utilise internal staff for core business processes.

Utilise The Specialists for everything else.