Stick your customer with content marketing

Stop interrupting your customers with paid marketing. Make them stick with content marketing

Are you always dropping ads in front of your customer? It’s time to earn your audience. How?

Content marketing.

Paid marketing strategies are interruptive. They promote to the consumer when they’re doing something else. Like watching TV or scrolling through social media. 

Enter content marketing.

Content marketing delivers value without the direct sales pitch. It gives away content, hoping the customer rewards with their business and loyalty.

  • Content marketing is permissive, not interruptive 
  • Content marketing is consumer found, not delivered 
  • Content marketing is when they want, not when you want
  • Content marketing is interest earned, not bought

Why do this? Easy. Trust.

“Consumers prefer getting to know a business via content rather than ads. Content builds a relationship. Done well and it can make consumers feel closer to a business. It helps them know you”

The Specialists – In Business

When they know you, they trust you.

With trust, they buy. 

When they buy, they are loyal. 

When they are loyal, they are raving fans. 

Who wouldn’t want that in their business?

Loren Turnbull is the owner of The Specialists – In Business.

When not indulging in her love of travel, motorbikes or food, she is passionate about helping small business owners. Using the resources of her amazing Specialists team, Loren’s mission is to help clients kick butt in the business world.

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