Hey Tradie… Ditch the admin!

Being a Tradie is hard. It’s almost like having two jobs right? During the day, you’re doing the job and earning the dollars. Then you get home and job number two starts. Returning calls and emails. Invoicing. Quoting. Scheduling. Ordering. Chasing money. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to the marketing, bookkeeping and BAS stuff by about 10pm!

You would like to have an admin person but you don’t think your business is big enough to justify an employee. And even if you hired someone part time, which days do they work? You would still be trying to answer the phone while you’re on a job on the days no-one is in the office.

Here is the answer: Give your administration and customer service function to The Specialists. We are a team of administration professionals who take on your tasks as and when you need them done. Because we are a whole team and not just one person, it’s easy for us to make someone available to handle your admin work right across the week.