What’s my Why

There’s a reason many business “experts” say it’s important to find your “why” in business. If you haven’t already, I would encourage every business owner at some point to stop and think about your own why. If you need some inspo, Simon Sinek has a cool TED talk on YouTube called “Start with Why”. 

For me… it looks like this….

In various capacities, the work I have done has allowed me to manage, own, sell, join, leave, consult with, start up and wind down many businesses.  

I have worked with high performing businesses. 

I have worked with distressed businesses. 

I have sat beside business owners to help them navigate rapid growth without blowing up their cash flow. 

I have shouldered the stress with owners losing their business because they blew up their cash flow. 

It’s been a ride. One that has been tough at times, but one that I have loved.

Through all these experiences, good and bad, I discovered my personal drivers. My “why”.

I crave being able to bring new ideas, systems and efficiencies to business owners that will help make their life better. 

If I can help make their life better, then I can help their business grow. 

If I can help their business grow, I can contribute in a small way to the improvement of the Australian economy. 

In short… my why is to help.

Along the way I was blessed to acquire an amazing team of people who share the same purpose. Their “why” is also to help. I love seeing my team in action. 

Today, I find myself exactly where I am meant to be. That is, living out the mission and vision of our business. I’ll leave that mission and vision with you now. I feel that it perfectly sums up where my business journey has led me so far:

Our mission is to help our clients kick butt in the business world! We will live our passion, learn constantly, carry the load for our clients and deliver A-grade service and support. Along the way we strive for a fulfilling and happy life for our team so that they always benefit from their choice to be part of The Specialists family.

Our vision is to positively shift the world of small business owners by empowering them to grow, thrive and be abundant. Our goal is that each one can employ just one more person, in turn supporting the growth and security of the Australian workforce for future generations.